• InnoEra - analytics makes it easy to turn data into information, gain insight across companywide activities, interact with information on the spot and take appropriate action.
  • Measure and manage the performance of an organization, uncover trends, enable fact based decision-making.
  • Provides scalable foundation to the integration of the multiple data sources across the company with added business intelligence capabilities.
  • Offers multi-dimensional analysis that instantly and accurately answers your business questions. With "what-if" analysis, you will able to measure the impact of changes in market.
  • Easy to create and edit your own ad-hoc analysis that can be published over the dashboard for easy viewing and sharing.

Portfolio Optimization

  • Empowers Portfolio Manager with the right set of tools to rebalance or construct a portfolio with their own intelligence. It offers platform to Portfolio Managers to interact and uses their market knowledge and intelligence. It gets smarter with the intelligent inputs from the manager.
  • Incorporate user defined constraints into the construction process to neutralize unintended exposure and manage policies. It offers wide range of constraints starting from target return, target risk, specifying weight for each individual asset, selection of assets, transaction cost, and many more.
  • Perform mean-variance analysis to create optimal portfolios.
  • Identify Sources of Risk-Isolate industry, asset specific sources of risk to see which policies are the largest contributors to the portfolio's risk.

Typical Solution used: iAnalyze

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