In today's digital era, companies face challenges in one or more of the following areas for document management:

  • Faster access to documents
  • Centralized place for paper and electronic documents
  • Lost or misplaced documents
  • Faster routing of incoming documents (e.g. invoices, NDA)
  • Quick turn around of customer queries
  • Efficient management of office processes
  • A complete audit of who did what, and when
  • Compliance with legal and contractual obligations

DMS from InnoEra is more than just a document management system. With increased efficiency and accessibility, view your customized set of document libraries via web-based system and access documents at a moment's notice.


Documents stored in DMS include supplementary data e.g. fund, author, client/ vendor, document type, date, subject. Metadata allow for greater flexibility and speed of searching and filtering. This metadata can be extracted via accurate capture functionality.


DMS is capable of performing searches based on document metadata and document content. DMS runs an 'Optical Character Recognition' (OCR) process to make the scanned PDF documents or images with text to searchable.

Audit trail

For legal admissibility purposes, any document needs to be controlled and unadulterated. To ensure this, DMS provides an audit trail for each document, ensuring compliance with SEC regulations.


Documents are available anytime, anywhere, and are even accessible on your iPad.


Create multiple folder views (document libraries) to find particular document(s) through multiple ways. Both metadata and the filing structure ensure accurate cataloguing and quick reliable access.

Capture & Distribution

Easy document upload and download for the distribution.


Set user access controls for each folder or file - a simple yet powerful security tool to ensure authorized access of the documents. Permissions can be set at either folder level or document level.

Typical Solution used: DMS

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