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InnoEra consultants will begin by performing a comprehensive review of your systems and processes, and making strategic recommendations for shaving time and costs from your operations.

Process Automation and Optimization
Reporting Automation and Integration
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Software Testing

Process Automation and Optimization: Maximize Resource Utilization

Automating and optimizing manual processes helps you squeeze every drop of efficiency out of existing resources, but it can be hard to know where to start. InnoEra consultants will begin by performing a comprehensive review of your systems and processes, and make strategic recommendations for shaving time and costs from your operations.

We have expertise in multiple financial systems, including:
  • The Fund Financial Framework, including deal due diligence, investor relations, investor portal, portfolio management, and portfolio performance
  • Using waterfall analysis to calculate internal rates of return for limited partners based on projected allocation of distributions

Reporting Automation and Integration: Streamline Tasks and Unify Output

Automating and integrating reporting can eliminate labor-intensive, error-prone manual processes and provide a consistent output and uniform formatting throughout your financial statements, investor statements, fact sheets, investor presentations, and more. Our experts can integrate your portfolio accounting and general ledger systems, automate report creation, and centralize access to dramatically improve efficiency and ensure the availability and consistency of reports across the company.

We are experts in:
  • General ledger reporting and integration for Quickbooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Dynamics, and more
  • Portfolio accounting software such as Investran, PEO, Equitrak, and more
  • Applications like Crystal Reports, Reporting Services, Excel Reporting, and more

Business Intelligence and Analytics: Get Clear Answers, Faster

If data isn't easily accessible and workable it can slow down critical decisions. InnoEra works with your team to understand how you need to use data, and then builds elegant solutions to put actionable insights at your fingertips. InnoEra's analytics solutions make it easy to turn raw data into information, gain insight across the company, and interact with information on-the-spot.
  • Easily combine multiple data sources into a customizable business intelligence dashboard
  • Use the real-time interactive dashboard for a 360 degree view of company activities
  • Get insight when and how you need it with easy ad-hoc and fast "what-if" analyses

Software Testing: Get to Market Faster with a Better Product

When it has to be right, trust the engineers at InnoEra to put your software to the test. We apply our own rigorous quality assurance (QA) process to your software applications so that you can speed releases with minimum resources and maximum impact. Take advantage of:
  • Software/App QA testing for any in-house or third-party solution
  • Expertise in all phases of software testing, including unit testing, white box testing, black box testing, user acceptance testing, smoke testing, load testing, and performance testing
  • Faster release of new software and applications with minimum resources

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Other services

Cloud Services Consulting
Mobile Development
Technology Upgrades
Website Development And Maintenance SEO

Cloud services consulting: Moving into the cloud is a very complex process, with a lot of moving parts that can break or malfunction along the way. InnoEra will carefully evaluate your environment and advise and assist on your best path to bringing systems into the Cloud. We can also help you build processes and customize them to make it easier going forward.

Mobile development: Mobile is a must. InnoEra designs and builds highly customized, intuitive, reliable, and scalable enterprise-class mobile applications such as mobile investor portal access, and custom mobile management apps. We are experts in developing apps on Android, Apple IOS, and Windows Mobile Platform.

Technology upgrades: InnoEra will study your existing technologies and requirements and provide guidance and assistance in transforming your IT environment to best meet your business requirements. We specialize in informing clients about new products and processes and making recommendations based on your existing setup.

Website development and maintenance: InnoEra is your one-stop shop for website design, development, and maintenance. We design data-driven websites that are customized to connect to your database for more informative and innovative portals. SEO-optimized site development gives you better search visibility, while our maintenance services take day-to-day web management off your plate.

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